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Specialist Mechinical Company  Dedicated To  Aircompressors

Specialist Mechinical Company Dedicated To Aircompressors


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Taizhou Yuze Mechanical And Electrical co., Ltd
Our Company Profile

Our Company Profile

Taizhou Yuze Mechanical And Electrical co., Ltd is one professional manufacturer for air compressor, air pump, gasoline air compressors with 7 series and more than 100 specification, which have been widely applied on various lines, such as decoration, painting various mechanical systems, air tools and so on. it Lying aside the road to Taozhou airport.




Our factory was established on 2002 with an area of 5000 square meter and more than 50 staffs, we have abundant technology, exquisite manufacturing technique, precious detecting equipment, all products have been supervised from the purchasing of the raw materials to the delivery of the ready goods. All of our products have been successfal to get the ISO9001:2002, CE, and GS certificate.

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Our Global 

all of our goods well sold more than 60 different countries and regions, such as Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, North American, South American, Australia, Europe,America and etc

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The twenty-sixth air compressor industry will be held

In December 3, 2016, air compressor industry hero (Chongqing Railway Station) was held at the Carlton Hotel in Chongqing city. The meeting was organized by Ding Li (Shanghai) Media Co., Ltd., Sichuan compressor association. Meeting the same day, heroes will gather guests scene, the scene unusual hot. Both the scene from the enterprise doer doubts, and from the school teacher's devotion to share

Screw air compressor for air flow mill (air mill)

 Jet mill (jet mill) is an important equipment of superfine grinding, especially widely used in non metallic minerals and chemical raw materials of ultrafine grinding, solid content of products depends on the size limit of mixed gas stream, and inversely proportional to the unit energy consumption. In addition to fine particle size, the airflow pulverization product has the characteristics of narrow particle size distribution, smooth particle surface, regular particle shape, high purity, high activity and good dispersion. The compressed gas adiabatic expansion of Joule Thomson cooling effect in the grinding process, so it is also suitable for low melting point, heat sensitive materials of superfine grinding. Therefore, the requirements for the air compressor has become increasingly apparent, air mill (air mill) with the advantages of air compressor will be highlighted.

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